Fairy lights

Written by Scott Kelley on August 18, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Probably few things delights us in the way we enjoy an afternoon in the garden, with barbecue, with a few drinks and friends and family in a beautiful summer day. When the night falls, the atmosphere would become even more glorious, but often we find ourselves condemned by the way of the lighting. Outdoor lighting can be a complicated story, and nobody wants huge bills or drag-type cables for a simple and beautiful ambient light. It is the reason why Fairy lights are perfect for a garden or a beautiful terrace.

These solar lights bright as a product an intense light, just like the systems connected to electricity, but the advantage is the lack of cables and equipment. Also they turn on automatically when darkness falls. Let the sun will light your garden 24 / 7!

Solar lights can be used directly from the package, you do not need nothing more than a little imagination to wrap your garden light. Wrap chairs, umbrellas, trees for unique and beautiful design effects. The lights are powered by solar energy and therefore electricity is not needed.
LEDs light up to 20 hours and the “system” is available with 100 lights.

The solar panel and the cable are waterproof! The panel loads during day time and the lights come up automatically when you leave tonight and go out when the sun rises again. The package includes several accessories for fixing lights to be easier. We join those who say, ECO is the future!

Solar outdoor lighting systems, for garden or patio decor. Battery solar charger and the lights come up automatically as it gets dark. It is waterproof and the color of the lights
are white and gold. 100 super LED light with 6 different modes: Alternate, Chasing, Fast Flash, Slow Flash, Fast Flicker and continuous on. ON / OFF button or automatically included.

Between the solar panel and control box there are 2 m cable. Pay attention not to leave the Fairy lights reach to the children under 14 years.

Approximately 9cm x 12cm solar panel. 100 lights about 10 m long.

I think it would be a safe and intelligent investment and you will see the effects of this gadget very soon! Buy the Fairy lights and your garden will look differently, even in the night, when sun goes down! It will have a more misterious look and a more appealing one too!