Eye Scope for iPhone

Written by Scott Kelley on July 17, 2011. Posted in Gadget

The quick mind from Apple was not going to adorn the stylish iPhones with a goal, although carriers are tempted shooting distance. 
The scope eye is an optical zoom lens pocket, fully adjustable, which keeps the quality of images taken from a maximum distance of 246 meters. Camera on iPhone is ok, but when it comes to zoom, Eye Scope is helping hand to help. 

The package consists of an 8x zoom lens, a tripod for stability; a safety clip and a phone case that fits on objective about everything you need to film or photograph the things worthy to keep.
Compatibility: iPhone or iPhone 3G/3Gs 4.
Field of view up to 246 meters.
8x optical zoom lens.
Minimum focusing distance: 3 meters.

Package Contents:

The objective;
A black plastic case and silicone;
A clip;
A cloth to clean the lens port;


Objective: 7cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 3cm (D)
Tripod: 13cm (H) x 2.3cm (W) x 2.3cm (D)
Tripod open: 13cm (H) x 14cm (W) x 14cm (D).

To satisfy the most dedicated iPhotos, the package has included a protective cover for phone (black), which is mounted to the optical zoom lens. 
It has included too a safety clip and an aluminum tripod for stability.
It can capture disappointed faces of those who have not yet Eye purpose from a distance of 246 meters.
There are two models: iPhone or iPhone 3G/3Gs 4.
The installation is really easy and can be used immediately!

Are you an iFan?  Then, you will get much iFun! Think yourself, is not it a good deal? Most of this product’ customers feedback were full of thoughts like ‘you should rise the price, because this is far too cheap!’

Have a rest and think about the advantages and the disadvantages of buying The Eye Scope for iPhone. I am curious if you find an only disadvantage; neither us nor our customers found one, so let’s see if you get one, taking it at the beach, at the mountain, or just in your garden. It is small products which will make you live in the every single photo taken and stocked in. And remember, the most precious things we get in life are memories, so why not to have and see them clearly? Every detail is precious, and with the Eye Scope for iPhone you can get the perfect result.