Digital vs Traditional Sauna Thermometers – What to choose?

Written by Paul Ragan on January 5, 2018. Posted in Gadget

There are so many types and models of sauna thermometers on the market that it is quite difficult to find exactly what you need. While some are expensive yet easy to install, others are affordable but they lack many features. The thermometer is a device that provides information about the correct sauna temperature. It should be placed near the sauna heater or above it. However, it should not be confused with hygrometers or sauna timers. A hygrometer measures the level of humidity in a sauna, indicating when it is time to adjust the humidity level in the air. These devices are often used along with sauna thermometers. Also, it is important to know that the measurements taken by a hygrometer depend on various factors, including mass, pressure and heat level. More than that, if you are thinking about purchasing this instrument, you need to consider that there are two types of hygrometers available on the market, such as the mechanical hygrometer and the dry/wet bulb psychrometer. Additionally, the sauna timers track the time you have spent in a sauna. As you probably know using a wristwatch during bathing is dangerous. That’s why a sauna timer could be exactly what you need.
However, let’s return to our sauna accessory: thermometers. As mentioned above, the market is flooded with so many different types of sauna thermometers that finding the right model for your sauna could be a back-breaking task.

Things to look for when making a purchase

Whether you choose a digital or a traditional thermometer, you need to consider several things before making the purchase. First of all, a thermometer should be very easy to read. Purchase a device with a large dial so you will clearly see the temperature without having to open the sauna door all the time. A 7 inches dial is exactly what you need from a good thermometer. Plus, it must be specially designed to thrive in extremely hot temperatures. Additionally, it is recommended to choose a model which will show you a measurement in a format you understand: Celsius, Fahrenheit or both. While some thermometers show you the temperature, others display the humidity level. The best thing will be to choose a model that displays both, the temperature and the humidity level. One that displays both parameters is more practical than one which reads only one parameter.

Digital vs. traditional sauna thermometer

There are two types of thermometers available on the market namely traditional and digital. For use in the sauna, it is advisable to use the traditional ones that are more resistant to high temperatures and are not prone to shortcuts. On the other hand, the advantage of using a digital thermometer is that it is more accurate in terms of degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius. As mentioned above, some models provide both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings and thus make it more convenient and reliable. Also, the traditional thermometers are more affordable than the digital ones. The differences are noticeable between these two types of thermometers, so it should not be a difficult task to choose one. While the traditional thermometer is affordable and more resistant to high temperatures, the digital model comes with an aesthetic finish and it is more accurate, but it is also more expensive. Furthermore, the digital type comes equipped with a plethora of impressive features while the traditional thermometer lacks a lot of features which can be extremely useful at some point. While you may think that there is nothing complicated about using a sauna thermometer, you will be surprised to discover that some models are incredibly difficult to use. That’s why, whether it is a traditional or a digital model it must be an easy to use device. However, for more convenience, some models come with a manual guide where you will find all the instructions for use.

Basic precautions

Before making a purchase, it is very important to understand a few things. To properly work, there are several precautions that you must take into account.
First of all, make sure the thermometer is properly calibrated. It has to take accurate readings, so it is important to check the device that you are using. Also, make sure it has been certified for use under the recommended conditions, including under humidity and high temperatures. Some models cannot resist high temperatures and such humid conditions. While some people have doubts about the place where should be placed the thermometer, we can confirm that the best place to hang it is one or two feet below the ceiling and a few feet away from the heaters. Some of you may have infrared saunas which are equipped with carbon panel heater. In these cases, you need to place the thermometer at the top of the sauna, above the panels.