Digital thermometer fork

Written by Scott Kelley on January 10, 2012. Posted in Gadget

Right at the time we were thinking that a rudimentary device – such as a barbecue utensil – could not be real as a technical product, there soon appeared the digital thermometer fork. We all are aware of how uncomfortable it is and how much pressure you have to stand, in order to be chef at a simple grill: once you have burned the roast, your friends will start to complain incessantly. 

Only once in ten try to leave undercooked the meat and you will not get to hear the end of the story. The smartest choice is to use the fork with thermometer. In just three seconds it shows the meat temperature, indicates to what extent is fried (blood, medium, well done) and we can choose exactly the type of meat that we want to cook (beef, chicken). According to this gadget, you receive the right signals if everything is cooked to perfection. Thus, a perfect barbeque is going to be cooked at the optimum temperature and everybody will appreciate your abilities.

Let’s start with the properties of this amazing gadget. First of all, you have to know that it is a digital thermometer with the tip made of stainless steel. Do not wash it in dishwasher and you have to clean it carefully – the handle with digital display is not water resistant. This great gadget has a digital temperature display built-in for displaying and setting the desired options. It also measures the temperature in degrees C and K. Another property of it is that it has sensors that send signals to the digital display. It requires two AAA batteries and the dimensions are 375 x 38 x 27 mm.

As far as the use of it is concerned, first of all, every cook should know something about the menu that he cooks. This is why it would be a good idea to begin to document and expand your professional skills or interests. It is good to know the tricks and the basic rules in what concerns the meat temperature, mode and level of roasting. A detail can make a big difference!

You only have to select the meat, choose how to be cooked and simply enter the BBQ fork in the thickest part of roast, in an area without bone or fat a lot, and the LCD will show the exact temperature in 3 seconds.

You can choose pre-programmed types of meat from: beef, veal, lamb, pork or poultry. You can set how it should be cooked: blood, blood medium, medium and well done. The Fork Thermometer is ideal for steaks cooked on the grill, oven or microwave. The fork will sound and will display signals with the time and whether the steak is perfect.

With this thermometer, cooking becomes much easier. Just try it!