Digital MemoMagnet

Written by Scott Kelley on September 1, 2011. Posted in Gadget

We have to face modern life in every day and we even try to keep up with the good inventions that appear in our lives! This is why we invite you to find out about a new brand, a new lifestyle that will not disappoint you and we promise you that it will impress you to the fool!

Pimp Up your fridge is the main message of this article! Maybe you are asking yourself how could you do it! Well, try using the Digital MemoMagnet! This version is improving the image of your fridge and incorporates voice memo or video. Any refrigerator that has MemoMagnet is now playing in the big league,  record,  preserves  and  restores  the audio-visual fidelity, because it is a funky and useful refrigerator magnet. Let your imagination free, feel at home, because home is where the fridge is!

The refrigerator magnet has room and speakers and also a 1.5 inch screen. It only takes 30 seconds to register absolutely everything that you are saying. You have to click on a button to record and another button must be pushed in order to view the registered movie.

It can record one message at a time, it can help you relieve the confusion and incorporates a rechargeable battery via USB. It is even suitable for people aged over 12 years so pay attention to the kids! The dimensions of this gadget are 6.5 x 6.5 x 2 cm.

The Digital fridge magnet will be handy when you want to leave a message of love to someone. Look at the camera magnet, press record and you are ready to give orders for the day! Make sure you fit in 30 seconds (which is the maximum recording time). Once you have registered the message, a small LED will alert the family members! Just press the viewing button and it will seek it on a 1.5 inch screen!

And when it sold out too many messages, you just have to connect it to computer via USB and it will recharge quickly, as you are sending the notes and maybe deleting some of them! This funny gadget will make you feel more happy and curious as you are using your fridge and moreover, will improve the look of your fridge! The Digital MemoMagnet is an innovation of the 21st century and you have to face this evolution by buying it!