Cush’n Shade

Written by Scott Kelley on August 27, 2011. Posted in Gadget

The great beaches were always covered by huge umbrellas, courtyards with swimming pools too, all under the rays of sun! But now we come up with a magnificent product that will make your life much better! Cush`n Shade is a personal umbrella, beautiful, portable and protective that you must have!

The personal comfort is number one in the spheres of relaxation during our vacation! Voted among the top 10 accessories for leading summer 2008, with 50 SPF sun screen, it is a bag with a secret pocket for small “secret” personal.

This personal accessory for beach brings relaxation back to comfort. It is portable and can be used as a bag, you only have to adjust the tape on any chair or sand. It can be washed in the washing machine and has an anti-allergic pillow and another one extra, a secret pocket, whose place we will let in account of your own discovery.

It was voted in Top Ten Travel Items, because it shades and protects your head and comes with a portable beach canopy, 50 + SPF protection weighing just 900 grams and its own carry strap. Most of the people love sitting in the sun, but they know the dangers of too much exposure (and leathery, wrinkled skin is the least of them). There are all types of umbrellas, pavilions and tents to provide the necessary shade. 

The Cush’n Shade can be used on the ground or on a lounge chair and comes in blue, red or lime green. This cotton cushion with a sun shade attached via a ratchet mechanism can be adjusted to any angle. The Cush’n Shade is a cushion with attached sun shield to protect you from those harmful rays. The shade offers the equivalent of 50 ultraviolet protection factor, which should be enough for the most delicate of skins.

The new model of Cush’n Shade comes up in three different colors: Citrus Green, Blue, Mediterranean, Coral. It is washable in a washing machine and also a removable pillow that can be used as a handbag when you go on vacation. It even has a hidden pocket and 50 + SPF sun screen. Its dimensions are approx. 45 x 50 cm and it weights around 700 g. Pretty easy to carry, right?

This is why you should be one of those very lucky people who already have a Cush’n Shade product!