Crimson: Steam Pirates

Written by Scott Kelley on February 24, 2012. Posted in Gadget

In collaboration with Harebrained Schemes, the Halo Game creators release firs iPad app game – Crimson: Steam Pirates. This new turn-based strategy game combines the worlds of steampunk and pirate with the story of Thomas Blood, a steampunk pirate on the high seas.

Crimson: Steam Pirates iPad app provides eight adventures of Thomas Blood for free. The in-app purchase for $1.99 brings you the second chapter of the adventure. What is great about this iPad app is that, taking in consideration its calibre, you can get it for free. The gameplay of this exciting iPad app allows you to position your fleet of ships for attack and navigate in an aggressive manner to try to board the vessels you intend to capture.

Featuring 16 single player missions, the great game iPad app brings you the first two chapeters of the Crimson: Steam Pirates saga. This captivating iPad app provides you two unique pass`n`play multiplayer scenarios, while it also supports Bungie.ner leaderboards. Until now, there is no mention about a future update with online multiplayer.

Crimson: Steam Pirates features over a dozen ships, 8 different voyages and 20 unique steam pirates crew members. Download it for free from the app store and let the adventure begin!