Clever Gadgets that Ward Off Thieves

Written by Aiden Bradley on May 1, 2015. Posted in Gadget

Rather than being smart, thieves have a lot of nerve to try to break into a house to steal valuables from it. Therefore, it should not be hard to keep the thieves way with the help of some gadgets designed to protect your home and your belongings. Discover in the following article which are the most clever gadgets that ward off thieves and keep your home and your assets safe.

STI Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog

A guard dog is an efficient way of keeping burglars at a distance, but not anyone can take care of a dog. Luckily, the thieves must not know this thanks to a gadget that makes them believe you have a fierce German shepherd at home. The STI Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog is a system that responds with a realistic dog bark when it senses movement and the bark gets louder once the intruder comes closer. The sounds can even be customized and you can choose from four different sounds that imitate a dog, a dog with a siren, the rainforest and a soothing alert.

Solar Motion Act Wedge Light

Bright lights all over the house will always be a way of keeping thieves off your property, so investing in a light system that turns on every time it senses movement is a great idea. These motion sensor lights will ward off thieves as they activate when they sense motion up to 22 feet away and will stay on for 4 seconds. This way intruders will be discouraged to step on your property and thanks to the solar charging feature you can relax on the electricity bill.

Automatic garage door opener

A garage door opener is a great idea since a lot of home break-ins happen due to unsecured garage doors. An automatic opener will either come with a remote control or it will be smartphone compatible so that you will be the only one able to open the garage. As a rule of thumb, don’t leave the garage opener remote in the car when you are not at home because if someone breaks your car, they might also think about making you a surprise visit at home in the near future. If you don’t know which garage door opener has the best security features, we suggest that you read some professional reviews on

Light control phone applications

Lights that can be turned on from a distance are perfect for times when you leave town and your house will be empty for a few days. Thanks to the smartphone apps that allow you to control the light at home, you can fool the burglars into thinking that someone is at home. The applications allow you to program the lights to turn on and off at a precise time so that the possible burglars will think there is someone at home and they will abort the mission.

Defender 21030 Sentinel security camera

The security camera system is the most ingenious gadget that can ward off thieves and offer protection to your home. If you read some security camera system reviews, you will see that the Defender Sentinel is one of the best rated such systems. This outdoor security system will provide efficient protection against thieves with its 4 or 8 cameras that can be spread along the yard to capture a wide view angle. The fact that it is a wireless system removes the risk of thieves cutting the wires to get rid of the security camera, therefore, there is no escape from this night vision and motion sensor recording camera. According to most security camera system reviews, this system is also very easy to install and to use.

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