Reputation management services

Written by admin on June 15, 2012. Posted in Gadget

Have you ever felt threatened about sharing too much information with someone? Are you looking for a way of keeping it for yourself? If yes, keep reading! Since the humanity has realized the importance of having a more developed knowledge than before, everyone seems to go by the same rule. Even if we like it […]

Hp 2200

Written by admin on June 11, 2012. Posted in Gadget

Are you looking for a good printer that can meet your expectation at work? If yes, then the Hp 2200 is everything you need! Nowadays, our life goes with a speed that we can’t even feel. Everyone rushes, wants to do more things in a less period of time, and in the end, we can […]

How can we control the Internet?

Written by admin on May 4, 2012. Posted in Gadget

There was a saying that went “Money makes the world go round”, but today we might as well change money with the Internet. We have reached a level where it has become practically impossible to function without having access to the Internet and it has gone from job related tasks, such as emails or getting […]

Air Sketch

Written by admin on April 9, 2012. Posted in Gadget

Imagine you are on a meeting and you have just made a presentation on the big screen in front of the executive committee. You want to validate each comment and idea offered by the audience during the Q&A session that follows. Instead of nodding or writing down on paper, you can transform your iPad into […]

The Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad

Written by admin on April 2, 2012. Posted in Gadget

Played by millions all over the world, the 40 year old classic game named The Oregon Trail classic game hits iPad. This classic educational iPad app travel game presents a family heading west, from Missouri to Oregon, during the famous gold rush in 1800`s. Produced by developer Gameloft, the official Oregon Trail iPad app is […]

Google Catalogs

Written by admin on March 27, 2012. Posted in Gadget

Google released a new iPad app – Google Catalogs. What is great about this new app for your iPad tablet is that it allows you to swipe through your favorite catalogs in a digital format. With Google Catalogs, you can forget about catalogs scattered all over the place, as you can keep them all in […]

Box appetit

Written by admin on March 19, 2012. Posted in Gadget

The Box bag Appetit is a resistant material, specially designed for Box Appetit, having some margins of Velcro that can open to create a tablecloth. The Box has the dimensions approximately to 19cm x 19cm x 5.5 cm.

Automatic screwdriver 6 in 1

Written by admin on March 15, 2012. Posted in Gadget

The automatic 6 in 1 Screwdriver is a “must have” for every home.
Using the 6 bits nickel, our ingenious screwdriver is a super tool used to handle all situations; you will not want to plug another screwdriver.
And because the tips are magnetized, you do not miss any screw. It is hard to lose, plus you can hold it in places such as in your car or in your purse.

The conversely clock

Written by admin on March 12, 2012. Posted in Gadget

The conversely clock can go back even to the future. Although it looks like a classic wall clock, it is totally different!
The figures are mirrored position, the finger which shows the seconds, minutes and hours ticking backwards. It is a very simple transition from “clockwise” to “anti-sense” – a little thing which still amazes the human brain.

Movie Mount Case + iPad 2 App

Written by admin on March 9, 2012. Posted in Gadget

Makayame presents a unique Movie Mount system that can also be used as an iPad 2 case. With Movie Mount, your iPad 2 becomes a movie studio and you have full manual control over video and photo capture from your iPad 2. Movie Mount Case + iPad 2 App by Makayama is surely a winner. […]


Written by admin on March 7, 2012. Posted in Gadget

The market was flooded with numerous audio docks for iPod / iPhone. So how do we decide which of these products are best to purchase? If you are looking for nothing but quality and design, we suggest Teac Aurb. You could use it both for a more beautiful home. Magazines and specialty websites are crazy beautiful TEAC Aurb.

Anomaly Warzone Earth

Written by admin on February 29, 2012. Posted in Gadget

There are a lot of tactical war games that you have probably played with game controller, or a mouse and keyboard, but when it`s about playing this kind of game on the iPad display, the experience is totally different. You should try the high def iPad app game – Anomaly Warzone Earth and enjoy this […]

Beaver’s Revenge

Written by admin on February 28, 2012. Posted in Gadget

One of the best and new iPad Apps – Beaver’s Revenge will surely be serious competition for Angry Birds. The new slingshot type gameplay has great graphics and you will probably play it over and over again. The design of Beaver`s Revenge app is similar to Angry Birds, but it also includes a unique feature […]

JetstreamHD for iPad

Written by admin on February 27, 2012. Posted in Gadget

JetstreamHD for iPad is a new option to streaming your HD media to your iPad. Developed by Nuvyyo, JetStreamHD presents an iPad app that accompanies its iPad media streaming hub. Once you have plugged the tower into your router and you have download the free iPad app, it delivers streaming content like high-definition videos, photos […]

7Notes HD iPad App

Written by admin on February 24, 2012. Posted in Gadget

A brilliant note taking app for iPad, 7Notes HD is all about handwriting recognition. 7Notes HD iPad App recognizes both your cursive words and individual letters written with your finger (stylus pen recommended) on your iPad 2. Highly sophisticated, 7Notes HD iPad App is based on a powerful predictive engine that makes possible the recognition […]