Online basketball clothing store: how to find the best

Written by admin on June 16, 2015. Posted in Gadget

When it comes to basketball, there are many things worth saying. The sport itself is a phenomenon and the popularity the NBA championship currently enjoys only comes to prove this fact. As for equipment, these are some highly appreciated clothing pieces. These days, everyone is wearing basketball shorts or jerseys. Some time ago, only those […]

Web design do’s and don’ts

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Every new business owners knows how important it is to have a website where customers can read details about your products and services. The problem is that many people make the mistake of thinking that an overly-complicated and flashy website is the best way to come. As with all things, good taste is appreciated even […]

Top of the Line Mobility Scooters with Touch Screen Controls

Written by Alina on March 27, 2015. Posted in Gadget

When you need a mobility scooter and you are analyzing the options available, you should check to see if it is reliable, comfortable, safe and easy to use. Having these aspects in mind, you can choose a Strider ST5D mobility scooter that features a touch screen control panel, besides other practical and ingenious options and technologies that make it one of the best choices available.

Essential Gadgets that Will Help You Survive Winter

Written by Aura on December 2, 2014. Posted in Gadget

When it comes to staying warm during winter time, it’s important to take additional measures. Besides, paying often visits to the doctor or eating healthy, you can try using some devices that will make your life easier while ensuring that you feel cozy and warm.

The New Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

Written by Emilia on November 17, 2014. Posted in Gadget

The new display that the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 introduces is 4.8 inch and features a HD Super Clear Touch LCD screen that can be handled very easily. The 7 ISO functions are powered by a 2000 mAh battery and a 4.3 Jelly Bean OS Android. The functions of the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 are: Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 and 3200.

The Best Gadgets for Your Car

Written by Emilia on October 11, 2014. Posted in Gadget

There are many gadgets that can be used to update your car, but some of them are not as practical as you expected. Therefore, we present you three devices that have the capacity to make every car more functional. Here are the main characteristics of the iODB2 Engine Data Reader, the Parrot Asteroid Mini and the Macally dMount.

Reasons to unlock your phone

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Nowadays, everyone owns at least a phone. Considering that a few years ago most people still used payphones heavily, these days the mobile phone has become an indispensable accessory. In fact, the phones have become computers in miniature because we no longer use them just to talk and text. Phones are used to browse the […]

Gadgets and Devices that can Make Life Easier for Elderly People

Written by Alina on July 10, 2014. Posted in Gadget

As elderly people start loosing their mobility and visibility, several devices will become indispensable and useful for them. A practical mobile phone, a mobility scooter that can move them around or a comfortable stair lift that will avoid tripping are some of the things that can make life easier for your beloved seniors.

The LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Written by Emilia on June 2, 2014. Posted in Gadget

The LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp is one of the best products that can help people dealing with their daily stress. Its design and the way that the jellyfish move are just two of the things that make it so extraordinary. You don’t have to worry about the space it will occupy in your house because its dimensions are very small.

Is it Worth Investing in Sports Gadgets?

Written by Anca on March 26, 2014. Posted in Gadget

If you are wondering whether is it worth investing in sports gadgets then check our truly useful gadgets list. An analysis and coaching system such as SwingTip, GolfSense or Gyro Swing may be very handy for you when you want to improve your game. Using a rangefinder you will not have difficulties to choose the right club again.

Innovative Gadgets and Devices for Your Home

Written by Aura on January 22, 2014. Posted in Gadget

What today is so innovative, “tomorrow” may be trivial, only if we consider the mass adoption of technology. Yet today we are amazed by some products that ought to be present. There are truly innovative gadgets and devices for your home that can make the daily chores easier.

Top 3 Most Popular Applications

Written by Emilia on December 27, 2013. Posted in Gadget

Instant messaging applications represent one of the most popular methods that people use to communicate and exchange content. We present you some built-in features that you can use in order to experience a great chatting experience. Here are the advantages that you can get by using WhatsApp, WeChat and Blackberry Messenger.

Pomodoro App for iPad Helps Productivity

Written by admin on November 20, 2013. Posted in Gadget

If you have problems with staying focused, there is a solution – the Pomodoro App for iPad helps productivity. Based on the Pomodora technique, this iPad app will be of great help for you. The Pomodoro technique is simple. When you have to work on one specific task, use a 25 minute timer, check off […]

GMO Busters HD Game App for iPad

Written by admin on October 30, 2013. Posted in Gadget

Intrigued by the wild success of Angry Birds app, developer Swift Development created GMO Busters HD Game App for iPad, a uniquely designed game that will surely catch your attention. The concept of GMO Busters HD is just as captivating as the one of Angry Birds, but it comes with deeper meaning and organic message […]

Where Is It? HD for iPad

Written by admin on July 27, 2013. Posted in Gadget

When you combine HD images of the most famous places worldwide with a game, only great things can happen. This is the case for the new exclusive Where Is It? HD for iPad app presented by the developer Legend Software Group. A lot of people are under the impression that new technology gadgets only serve […]