Can crusher

Written by Scott Kelley on November 3, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Did you know that a box of aluminum naturally disappears in 100 years? Did you know that recycling 1 kg of aluminum saves 8 kg of bauxite, 4 kg of chemicals and 14 kwh of electricity? Recycling is one of the most simple (or not!) methods to protect the planet from pollution. The principle is simple: reuse the paper until you get bored and stop the cutting of the other trees, watch what you do with plastics, items that you do not need and donate them or find a new use. 

This is the scheme about how it looks from the water cycle. Nothing is lost, everything is reused. That would show the theory, but in practice we face barriers like time, place, sanitation and so on. The reality is that in many countries the idea of recycling is not so widespread, but we can make small steps to gather great speed. So here is the moral side of the issue, and I’m sure that many of us often prefer to start life as a little “green” supporters.  

Recycling is important, but when there are gathered the mountains of garbage bags with noisy doses to be taken, many of us give up to the original idea. Stacker can bring you a little bit closer to the facts, will help you save a lot of place in the garbage and therefore you save up the materials and contribute to ecology. This material is suitable for bars, clubs, restaurants, events which gather various mountains of waste. Also it is useful in households aware of Green Life, to grills, trips and within firms.

Properties: The Can Crusher must be mounted on wall / furniture / doors accessories included.

It is also the bottle opener. It is easy to use, you should not force the man to pull the handle. The dimensions are 33 x 8 x 10.5 cm and the packed weight is 1.05 kg. It includes: crushed cane device, screws, user manual.

Use: Recycling is present in our daily life. If something is so important, why would it not be pleasant too? Trying to combine the pleasant with the useful conducted to the present Can crusher. Cool, huh? You just have to put the cup in the crusher, then pull the handle and the object is squashed to fifth to the original size. And if you’re tired, you can open your beer with it too. Do you feel like missing your friends? Take it with you, is the ideal accessory for grills and party and a perfect reason to start a successful and funny activity. Nice, right?