Bushnell Fusion 1 Mile Arc Review

Written by Scott Kelley on July 24, 2015. Posted in Gadget

Rangefinder binoculars can be defined as a special type of binoculars that that are used for determining the distance to an object. This type of device has developed in recent years into a necessity, rather than a luxury owing to the fact that it is difficult to calculate lengths with the naked eye especially in hunting ranges. The Bushnell Fusion 1 Mile Arc comes from the line of outdoor products developed by Bushnell and destined for specific outdoor activities such as sports and hunting. This product has the same features as Bushnell golf GPS and the pair of binoculars are equipped with quality optical technique in order to ensure a better experience. If you desire to find more information on this product, then keep reading this article.

Unique characteristics:

  • CR-123 3-volt battery
  • Angle Range Compensation
  • Up to 1760 yards ranging performance
  • 96X48 Pixel Matrix Display


General ranging performance

This version of rangefinder is an updates one as compared to those of the previous line and this represents a certainty due to the 50 years of experience in the optics industry. The binoculars are equipped with the effective technology of laser rangefinders so that every target is enlarged to the point that the user has a more than clear picture of the target owing to the fact that the device is able to range to a distance ranging between 10 and 1760 yards even in conditions that are not so ideal. The binoculars are even believed to be able to go way beyond the intended mile. In addition to this, you can judge distances in complex environments as well, not to mention the fact that you can manually control the display intensity.

3 different modes for reading distance

The binoculars make available 3 advanced modes that are destined to permit the user to measure the distance according to each specific scenario which will provide even more accurate. This being said, there are three modes: Normal, BullsEye and Brush. The Normal Mode is the most basic and can be used in any situation because this mode only makes a valid estimation after having taken into consideration all all the readings. As compared to the basic mode the BullsEye is much more proficient in the sense that it provides accurate readings for targets that are situated at small distances and perceives all the objects located in the background. It basically reports the closest object from a number of two if the user decides to target more than one at a time. The Brush is the exact opposite which means that it identifies only the farthest object.

Ballistics function

The model of rangefinder has 8 preset curves, the only drawback being the fact that the function is limited to 800 yards or even less. Bushnell has introduced a ballistic computer in the binoculars and an inclinometer. This basically means that the binoculars can be used by those who intend to hunt at shorter distances. Another setback is represented by the fact that with long-range shooting you will not obtain the accuracy that you need.