Best Grooming Gadgets for Men

Written by Aiden Bradley on July 1, 2015. Posted in Gadget

When it comes to taking care of their aspect, men are as interested as women are in gadgets and beauty tricks that will help them improve their aspect. From common shavers with cutting-edge technology to skin cleansers, the world of male beauty enhancers has reached new levels. Here are some of the best grooming gadgets that every man should have at hand.

Clarisonic Aria Sonic skin cleansing brush

This is the top skin cleaning device that can deliver a deep and precise cleaning of a man’s face with the 300 movements per second of the scrubbing head. The oscillations penetrate the pores and remove the dirt and oil, leaving the male skin smooth and clean. The gadget has 3 adjustable speeds that can be customized according to the man’s needs and preferences and the drying holder that comes with the unit also work as a charging stand.

Simplehuman sensor mirror

This stylish mirror comes with an LED light ring that creates a light similar to natural sunlight, to allow men to observe every detail of their face, strengthened by the 5x magnification that offers a close-up view. The mirror is rechargeable and cordless and it has a sensor that automatically turns it on and off when in and out of use.

Quip Toothbrush

This toothbrush is a smart one that reminds the user to replace it every three months and the secret is not in some sort of a hidden chip in the toothbrush, but a sign-in agree that guarantees users to receive a new brush every three months after they order the starter kit. The toothbrush itself is an innovation that features a small motor that makes it vibrate for 2 minutes and an indictor every 30 seconds, to make sure the user brushes all their teeth.

Braun Cooltec CT2S

The 2015 best rated electric shavers all come with amazing features that make shaving sound like a ritual designed for gods. Nevertheless, they don’t all deliver what they promise. Still, when it comes to smooth, comfortable and safe shaving, no gadget can beat the Braun Cooltec CT2S, a state-of-the-art electric shaver that combines efficiency and convenience into a shaver that will please even the most demanding of men. The innovation comes in the “active cool technology” that makes the shaver head turn cold due to the aluminum cooling bar, thus eliminating skin redness, itching and burning. The special blades of this shaver are designed to cut the hair regardless the growing direction and the two independent moving elements adapt to the face shape to assure a perfect shaving. The gadget can be charged in 5 minutes for a quick shave and it is waterproof to a depth of 5m. That being safe, it is safe to say that the Braun Cooltec CT2s is without a doubt one of the 2015 best rated electric shavers.