Bedlam crazy cube

Written by Scott Kelley on October 24, 2011. Posted in Gadget

I started looking for a puzzle that met certain rules: to be fun to play but difficult to solve. Every new attempt is something totally different from the one before. What I wanted was a puzzle with the highest value of the game. This is what Bruce Bedlam said in 1982.  Thus was born the luxurious Bedlam, a brilliant “game” for adults with 19,186 solutions.

It is a vicious cub, angry, exciting, overwhelming and challenging for the human mind. It is unlike any game you have ever played before. You can’t compare it to Scrabble, Mario Brothers! This will be a great experience for you and your friends, but mainly for your brains! Although it seems very simple, very complex, it was even labeled by experts as the successor to the Rubik’s Cube. Enter the world of three-dimensional Bedlam

BedlamCube is the most vibrant Crazy and most popular 3-D puzzle of all. It is a gadget for all ages and for all who love to “train” their minds. All you have to do is to place the 13 different geometric shapes in the box. It sounds simple at first, but, it has a number of 19,186 different solutions. All the products are original Bedlam Cube Crazy, made in England since 1982 and they are in accordance with the European standards EN 71.

I propose to you to recall for the properties of Bedlam Crazy Cube! There are two main pieces of information: this gadget has 13 geometric plastic parts and 19,186 different solutions to go. In order to use it, you have to put the parts until you obtain a perfect cube. Bedlam Retro is the most difficult and vicious 3-D Puzzle!

If you get bored or on the contrary, you need to relax your mind, take such a gadget and try solving in the right time! The advantage is that once you have solved it, you can restart trying another solution, until to reach a big number! Your brain will be seriously challenged and your satisfaction will be even greater after finding the solution!

It is said that intelligence can be developped with games, situations and different activities that request your abilities. As a result, this gadget-game will not only help you get away from boredom, but it will also help you become more intelligent and smart!

The name of this gadget is not given at random. People knew what they made and as a result, the craziness of this game will be felt by you as soon as you get involved into it!