Barcelona clock

Written by Scott Kelley on April 30, 2013. Posted in Gadget

Out there are increasingly speaks of minimalism in interior design. Minimalist style, furniture, ideas, trend. Called ABC art, minimal art, this is an artistic current appeared in the twentieth century trying to minimize a number of artistic creation of colors, shapes, lines, values ​​and textures, as long as possible. Indeed, often less is more. Inspired by the simplicity, this modern, minimal, it is radically changed in the design traditions interior. Influenced not least of Japanese simplicity, minimalist furniture offers a simple room, clean, airy and excludes any pile of objects, excluding the congestion that often give a feeling of choking, pressure.

The most brilliant examples of the genre combines inspired design and quality parts, producing a result of simple but effective. The best way to make a modern design both eye-pleasant and efficient is to implement the best modern gadgets which will improve your comfort. On you will find a lot of cool gadgets that will gorgeously complement your modern interior design while also improving your comfort. Furthermore, you should also try to use some sophisticated interior design elements such as the Barcelona clock and the Barcelona chair.
One of the most popular applications is Barcelona chair, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929 and is still very popular, though now they use modern materials, preserving the natural simplicity and design. The model was designed Barcelona chair Barcelona and it watches a fabulous interior design accessory.

Current minimalist is increasingly popular, combining natural elements and modern aesthetics, and neutral calm colors, shades of white, beige and gray, reminiscent of the beaches, rocks, clouds. Minimalism lies in the effective force to use a minimum of what exists in a room, so that each object must be perfectly chosen and materials matter greatly, as each form.

The architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe adopted the saying “Less is more” to describe his aesthetic strategies by putting more emphasis on internal structure of the building, to remove internal walls and to adopt an open plan, reducing the structure to a building “skin” or front, strong, transparent and elegant.
Mies called the architectural style proposed by him, “Architectural skin and bones”. Others called it “less is more” as “less is more.” Finally, others have called it “God is in the details,” according to “God is in the details”.
You will not go wrong with this gift!

The Barcelona clock’s properties are: The Barcelona chair is done by a minimalist creation. Its material is leather. Its color is cream, having 26 cm. As being a wall clock it runs on battery which is not included.

So what do you think about this gift? Is one of the most elegant you can give to anybody! As far as I am concerned, the Barcelona clock can suit anybody. There is no one in the world to hate it!