Written by Scott Kelley on July 12, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Many of us are conscious and cautious when it comes to money. For example, when we prepare ourselves for a plane trip, we measure the luggage’s weight at home for the airport not to take us by a surprise fee for overweight. With this purpose was designed the Balanzza Luggage Scales, a small gadget, easy and practical which we can take with us without worrying even for the return journey and we can provide before “check point” that we do not have furthermore pounds … at least in luggage.

Balanzza is a small and lightweight gadget you can take with you on trips. The maximum weight you can measure is 44 kg. This gadget runs on batteries which are obvious included. It is suitable for people aged over 8 years. Balanzza Luggage Scale’s dimensions are 12 x 4 x 4 cm. It is used to measure luggage’s weight at the airport before being charged. You just have to attach it to a belt bag, lift it, hold scales and read on the screen baggage the weight. You can set the scales to show the weight in kilograms or pounds of luggage.

With the “hold” function you can keep on the screen the measured value for a little time. You will not ever need to pay extra charges for luggage! Just imagine yourself, waiting for the plain to depart and going to measure your luggage’s weight and see that it has furthermore pounds than the limit … This information will sure break your holiday, don’t you think? So why not to be sure early how much your luggage weights? It is an easy, little, smart and chic product you could use wherever you go in your vacation.

It is the best way to have an intact sum of money when traveling. Just think at spending your holiday money on a fee for overweight, and not on a cocktail or on a dinner at your favorite restaurant. And at another point too – it is cheaper and smaller than a real scale so you can take it anywhere and anytime you want.

As any other customers, you will sure ask yourself if it is a good deal. Well, to answer this tough question, we could assure you that based on our clients review the product worth all the money; most of them told us it is way too cheap for all its functions.