Apple magic mouse

Written by Scott Kelley on September 8, 2011. Posted in Gadget

It all started with the iPhone. Then came the iPod touch, MacBook Pro and then of course iPad. All intuitive and dynamic. MultiTouch technology has given us the satisfaction to interact through gestures with our gadgets and the new milestone was reached when Apple designed a wireless mouse in alliance with multitouch technology. It’s called Magic Mouse and Apple brings touch control gestures. A smart mouse connects to any Mac via Bluetooth so that we enjoy the comfort and flexibility through the first multitouch mouse in the world.

Surface Multitouch:
Magic Mouse from Apple – with the look of humble but compelling – is absolutely elegant and dramatically different, because it brings a whole new feeling. You only have to enjoy the wonderful sleek appearance and no buttons. You will admire it even more after you start to use it. The MultiTouch zone coincides with the upper surface of the mouse and the mouse button is right in itself. Scroll with your finger, browse web pages and photos with two fingers and click and double click on any point on its surface. The Magic Mouse from Apple is a built-in sensor that knows what you want to do, which means that the mouse will not confuse the scrolling (scroll) to slip (swipe). It knows even that you just want to rest your hand.

Use: Laser tracking
With a tracking performance laser technology, Magic Mouse is very accurate and responsive on almost all surfaces – whether you use it in your favorite cafe or at home on LoungeBook or knees, you don’t need to use a mousepad.

Magic Mouse is an advanced mouse, allowing you to click or double-click anywhere on the multitouch. Magic Mouse functions as a mouse with two buttons; this is how you activate the secondary click preference system. Left-handers can reassign left click at right!

Scroll (Scroll) 360:

Brush over surface with a finger multitouch to scroll in any direction. Zoom the display by
holding the “Ctrl.” button on your keyboard and scroll with a finger on Magic Mouse to enlarge items on the screen.

Slip (swipe) with two fingers:
Use two fingers, sliding left or right on multitouch surface to move over web pages or pictures in iPhoto to browse.

Customize your clicks!
Maybe you want to be available scrolling (scroll) do not want sliding (swipe). Clicking or it is more convenient than the two buttons with one. Whatever the case, the mouse works like your favorite Magic!