Antworks ant habitat

Written by Scott Kelley on October 18, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Ant Works concept is based on technology used by NASA to study animal behavior in space in zero gravity conditions. Why, you may be wondering. Well they had to do something while commuting in fantastic worlds. However, their loss is our gain, because they invented a translucent gel that serves ants life on Earth, or rather on the desk near the iPhone, laptop and all sorts of gadgets. Run in the garden, gather 10 to 15 ants and cleverly populate the habitat. The working ants will build admirable tunnels in just a few days. The phenomenon is extremely bizarre, weird, miraculous and phenomenal! We have collected some real scientifically data that highlights the priority of the elected ants in building the magic.

Factum 1:
Ants are among the oldest creatures on Earth. Like sharks, they have not changed much during millions years. Nature has managed to prove the first, the old axiom, fundamental theorem “if it is not broke, do not fix it”!

Factum 2:

Ants are the strongest creatures on Earth directly related to their size. They can carry a weight of 10-20 times bigger than its own weight as well. Also they are the one who live the most among all the insects.

Factum 3:
They represent 0.1% of the population of insects on Earth. Their number is so great that we should use many more zeros than it should be in a company in Romania based on Internet activity.

AntWorks contains a translucent gel that serves as food and water for astronauts and ants and it is a development environment for them. This gel contains special chemicals that prevent infections caused by bacteria growth in the colony.

To begin the opening of the holes and tunnels, you have to open AntWorks’s cap and, using a plastic stick, poke 4 holes about 4 cm depth in gel. These holes will help you start building ants tunnel.

Ants may delay in starting the construction of tunnel a day or two. Enter 10-15-20 ants collected from the same colony and do not put different species of ants in the same AntWorks!

Ants must have a minimum length of 8 mm. AntWorks contains a magnifying glass and zoom lens, in order to follow in detail the ants in their tunnels.

You have to keep AntWorks site away from light, extreme heat or extreme cold. The package contains a magnifying glass, extreme zoom lens, a stick to initiate tunnels and LED lighting system.