Answers you need to know before investing in a salon-scheduling app

Written by Scott Kelley on April 3, 2017. Posted in Gadget

Knowing exactly the status of your salon on the local market will help you bring great improvements in terms of services and performance. But how could one keep track of these if they continuously juggle with appointment books, stock records and complain registers? The essence of a successful business in the beauty field is having an application that keeps track of all the needed coordinates easily and accessible. For instance, there are a couple of salon booking systems that can provide an accurate insight in a salon’s performances, and more than that, they are a great tool to generate growth. But before deciding over an app or another, you must know the answer to a couple of questions.   

What is the app’s value for money ratio?

This will give you a clearer idea about how an investment of this kind could improve your business’ potential on the market, and at what costs. A great way to check this aspect out is by getting in touch with users and find out how pleased are they with the product. Although the overall level of happiness with the product is not an exact indicator of its worthiness, it is a pretty accurate one. Another great source of information would be a fellow business owner in the branch. If you know someone that is using such an app, ask them what exact app are they using and how would they rate it.

What is the rebooking rate when using this app?

This will offer you the most valuable data about your business. Many claim that they are losing clients on the daily basis due to overlapping appointment, lost appointment or various other similar disappointments clients have because the salon lacks a proper scheduling system. May notice that a large ratio of the clients that made an appointment after implementing such booking systems tend to return continuously. But why is this happening? Our guess would be that such smart applications allow the manager to take notes on each of their clients, in terms of preferred chatting subjects, go-to haircuts and colours, or go-to hairstyles. This creates a more personal experience for the clients, whom will ultimately return for further appointments.

Is the app allowing full stock control?

As one of the most valuable things (besides the human resource, of course) a salon manager has, stock items must be kept under close surveillance. Once more, those using such scheduling apps noticed a great feature of them, under the form of a handy stock control tool. It allows managers to have a close eye on which products are most solicited, the number of exact pieces of each product, and even generate alerts when the stock is low on some of them. At any given moment one can check it, see what necessaries are due to buy and even predict trends in sales based on the mostly used ones.

As a matter of fact, by asking these simple questions, only after investing in such a system, a salon manager could easily find out their positioning on the local market, these apps being great evaluation tools.