Anomaly Warzone Earth

Written by Scott Kelley on February 29, 2012. Posted in Gadget

There are a lot of tactical war games that you have probably played with game controller, or a mouse and keyboard, but when it`s about playing this kind of game on the iPad display, the experience is totally different. You should try the high def iPad app game – Anomaly Warzone Earth and enjoy this great experience.

Anomaly Warzone Earth iPad app is an exciting design of a standard tower defense style game. The story starts when a massive comet hits the Earth. Troops find destruction and mayhem along with an anomaly coming from alien attackers that have established defensive turrets in Baghdad. Each level of this iPad app gives a unique mission, for example targeting and destroying alien turrets, escorting a unit without defense, or reaching a target zone.

As a war commander, your mission is to lead from an aerial view of the battlefield where trucks and tanks are heading against enemy locations toward a goal. Before starting out on each map objective, Anomaly Warzone Earth iPad app allows you to purchase a column of upgradeable armored units. For your mission, you can opt for rolling tanks, rocket launchers and shield generators.

Moreover, you can also win and implement unique battle abilities for a limited time and specific range. These abilities include smoke, decoy, repair and airstrike. You can use smoke to reduce damage within a circular area of your choice, while the decoy distracts the enemy`s targets within range, for a limited period.

Featuring impressive graphics, the Anomaly Warzone Earth iPad app will test your strategic skills, but also your fast reactions on managing the iPad display.