Ambient Jellyfish

Written by Scott Kelley on July 12, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Remember the times when to create atmosphere in the room meant to light the colored bulbs, to draw the curtains and make sure you squint?
Probably not, because we live in the era of high-tech lighting and ambient jellyfish shaped lamp that in the present is one of the most sophisticated and exclusive ambient products on the market.

Incredibly elegant, this lamp with touch sensor is as charming as wholly or underwater. It is both a triumph of design and functionality! With built-in touch pad you can change the environment, using one of the 16 million unique color combinations. Huhh, sensational. Well, now all you will miss is a penthouse in which to admire the lamp. If not, try to look askance.

Rear view and side – with LEDs at the base:
• 220V
• Switch off power supply for long periods of disuse.
• This lamp contains a high applied (black), the tube (transparent), touchpad, mother and AC socket (100V ~ 240V).
• It has three main settings: fixed color, monochrome and color flow.
• Light can be controlled with your finger through integrated touchpad.
• They can change colors in 16 million ways. 16 million color variations! 16 million!

The lamp’s dimensions are about 24.5 cm (diameter) x 11cm (height), though the box’s dimensions are approximately 24.2 cm x 24 cm x 17 cm.

Touch Smart:

You need to select the color by lateral movements on the touchpad – the intensity of horizontal movements: top – brighter, lower – darker.
You can control various settings of the lamp through an integrated touchpad – iPod style – and change in a very intuitive environment. You’ll get used with it quickly.

There are three main settings:

• Color set: the lamp is set to one color (or to the colors of the rainbow).
• Black: the lamp is either white or black. Hue and saturation can be set according to preferences.
• Flow colors: The colors will change slowly in sequence.
• Enter the atmosphere of the moment!

If you ever get bored with all these combinations (16 million possible – we doubt you can), you can turn off the main light of the lamp and let the ‘tentacle’ transparency to provide a soft ambient light. How relaxing is not it?

Thanks to the almost unlimited palette of colors seductive, Medusa fits any situation, whether you want to spend time with friends over a glass of wine or you want a sexy atmosphere to your home.