Action Camera ATC3K Extreme

Written by Scott Kelley on August 16, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Pimp up your brand!  We recommend to you Oregon Scientific brand, a global brand, creator of electronic products for today necessities. Their innovative products are a combination of American and European design technology, created as a bridge to strengthen and enhance the everyday life. The collection and digitization of their sport was now enriched by ATC2K action camera models and ATC5K ATC3K.

It is a camera for extreme situations and really useful for appropriate accessories. The SD memory card is 4 GB maximum (2 GB more than ATC2K), which means almost 2 hours of video (high resolution) with audio recording. The batteries allow continuous recording of 3 hours (depends on what batteries you use).

The internal memory is 32MB. This product is waterproof (so you can film under water) to 3 m (its resistance is guaranteed). All you have to do is to connect the camera to PC, MAC or USB and RCA TV cable (the cables are included). It has lens of 48 degrees (more than ATC2K).

You can choose from three resolutions: 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120 and the AVI video format is 640 x 480 320 x 240, 160 × 120. It has USB connection to PC and is compatible with Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Vista and Mac OSX 10.4 or below. This camera runs on two AA batteries and using the included accessories, it can be mounted on a bicycle, helmet, leg, hand or wherever you choose. It is 100% resistant to moisture, dirt and can be used as web camera (not for MAC). WARNING! This is not a video camera and it cannot take pictures.

This has a VGA 640 × 480 CMOS image sensor quality and its resolution is of 640 × 480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120, 15fps and 30 fps for all three resolutions. Also you should know that the internal memory has 32MB (NAND flash). The SD memory card is with 4 GB and in the package there are included: the port, the mounting accessories, silicon, 2 safety belts, a tripod stand for webcam, editing software, USB cable, RCA cable, CD, manual for users, audio membrane (in water). It alerts you with a beep and buzz and displays the real time.

This gadget deserves all the money you pay and the quality of the pictures are the proof of it!